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Lab 8

Due: Nov 12, 11:55pm

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 Consequently, “Hey” would be transmitted as “Ro$.”

Write a program that decrypts the intercepted message. You only know that the key used is a number between 1 and 100. Your program should try to decode the message using all possible keys between 1 and 100. When you try the valid key, the message will make sense. For all other keys, the message will appear as gibberish.


Problem 2

Write a sorting function that is similar to Display 7.12 in Chapter 7 except that it has an argument for a vector of ints rather than an array. This function will not need a parameter like number_used as in Display 7.12, since a vector can determine the number used with the member function size(). This sort function will have only this one parameter, which will be of a vec- tor type. Use the selection sort algorithm (which was used in Display 7.12).

Sort the following lists and turn in:

  1. 34,65,23,54,93,36,13,78,34,91,23,34,55,73
  2. 6,5,6,2,7,2,5,4,7,4,5,3,2,3
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