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SCMP 401 Scientific Computing Capstone Course
Spring, 19

Timothy Sullivan (Section 01)
Hayes 206
MWF 11:10-12N, TTh 10:10-11AM
Fishman 215
James Skon (Section 01)
Hayes 309c
M-F 10-11
Meeting Room: Hayes 215
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Mar 21 Presentation 2     Ghada, Ben, Hannah Ben, Jack
Mar 28 Presentation 2     Burke, Natalie Daniel, Margie
Apr 4 Poster session - System Design Poster Requirements PosterSubmissionInstructions.pdf
Google Folder for Posters
Apr 11 Presentation 3 - Project Results/Demo Speaking Rubric ( form )
Third Presentation Content Rubric
Apr 18 Presentation 3        
Apr 25 Presentation 3        
May 2 Presentation 3        
May 9
8:30 a.m.
Poster Session   Poster    
Apr 11 Meet with Instructor Thursday Evening available for meetings   Signup Sullivan Signup Skon
Apr 18 Meet with Instructor     Signup Sullivan Signup Skon
Apr 25 Meet with Instructor     Signup Sullivan Signup Skon
May 2 Meet with Instructor     Signup Sullivan Signup Skon
May 9
8:30 a.m.
Demo fair in Peirce Alumni Dining Room Demo Requirements      
 We want to do everything we can so that everyone is able to fully participate in class and has a successful experience in physics. Please contact me immediately if there is anything preventing your free and open participation in class. Additionally, if you have a learning or physical disability and need accommodation, we encourage you to contact me, but more importantly, to contact Erin Salva (x5453, salvae@kenyon.edu) in the Dean of Academic Advising office to determine appropriate and effective accommodation well before any such accommodations are needed.

We also believe that each of you owns a piece of us for the high price of your tuition (and we enjoy getting to know each of you better). Please do not hesitate to take advantage of our office hours. If you have conflicts during all of our office hours, please email me to arrange an appointment. Or you can try just dropping by the office. We both spend a lot of time in our departments and, if our office door is open, we will be happy to see you.

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