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SCMP 401 Scientific Computing Capstone Course
Spring, 19

Timothy Sullivan (Section 01)
Hayes 206
MWF 11:10-12N, TTh 10:10-11AM
Fishman 215
James Skon (Section 01)
Hayes 309c
M-F 10-11
Meeting Room: Hayes 215
The Scientific Computing Capstone class is designed to be centered on a computing project chosen by the student and supervised by a mentor generally selected from the faculty of the Scientific Computing concentration. The course encourages the student to be aware and conscious of the phases a project goes through from conception to final report. As such, students will make three presentations to the class describing the current status of the project as the semester progresses. About midway through the semester and at the end of the semester, students will present their progress and results in the form of a poster and take part in a poster session involving the rest of the class and interested scientific computing faculty.

Grades in the class are based on the following elements:

  • Project proposal (due Jan. 24th) 10%
  • Evaluation of three class presentations 45%
  • Evaluation of two poster presentations 20%
  • Project proposal (due Jan. 24th) 15%
  • Evaluation of three class presentations 35%
  • Evaluation of two poster presentations 25%
  • Attendance 25%
The project proposal is due by the time of the second class meeting (January 24th). An outline of what is expected as part of the proposal is in the schedule below.
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