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Lab 0

Due 11:59pm September 1.

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  1. The main.cpp file from each project
  2. A text or word file with a copy and paste of the runs of the programs at least three times with different values.
Submit the your program on Moodle by midnight, September 1.


Grading Rubric

Item Grading Comments Points Score
Program 1 Input prompts   6  
Program 1 output format   6  
Program 1 correct output   8  
Program 2 Input prompts   6  
Program 2 output format   6  
Program 2 correct output   8  
Total   40  
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Sum_and_Product.cpp" attr="" comment="" date="1472767816" name="Sum_and_Product.cpp" path="Sum_and_Product.cpp" size="735" user="SpaldingVance" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Untitleddocument-6.docx" attr="" comment="" date="1472768198" name="Untitleddocument-6.docx" path="Untitleddocument-6.docx" size="4920" user="SpaldingVance" version="1"
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