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Final Project - Shakespeare

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  • Turn in the code (a cpp file or ideone.com link), and the run outputs as requested below.
  • Turn in the code (a cpp file), and the run outputs as requested below.
  • Remember to format the code as described and the book and text, and to include comments including complete commetns at the beginning of the program.


Feature %
Program correctness and completeness with respect to defination 70%
Code Format (Indenting, variable names) 10%
Code Comments 10%
Turning in the run the requested inputs below.. 10%
Turn in a list of extra features added, with a total of points being sought  

Grading Table

Requirement Grading Comments Points Score
Easy to use user interface   5  
Functional decomposition: Program should be factored into functions to reduce complexity.
"main()" should not be one be function, but should be divided into supporting functions
(Like "readBooks(bookVector, filestream)".
Class Design: Classes have appropriate methods added as needed, new classes well designed   10  
Class Implementation : Logic is correctly implements in the each class methods   20  
C++ code includes comments, with project information at top, pre and post conditions
for each functions and other comments as needed.
The C++ code has good formatting, indentation, and organization.   5  
Good variable and function names, appropriate use of constants rather then literal numbers.   5  
Runs: Run of game works correct (run until the cards run out at least twice)   40  
Total   100  


Shakespeare Word Search

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