A Structure Definition

//DISPLAY 10.1 A Structure Definition 
//Program to demonstrate the CDAccount structure type.
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

//Structure for a bank certificate of deposit:
struct CDAccount
    double balance;
    double interest_rate;
    int term;//months until maturity

void get_data(CDAccount& the_account);
//Postcondition: the_account.balance and the_account.interest_rate
//have been given values that the user entered at the keyboard.

int main( )
    CDAccount account;

    double rate_fraction, interest;
    rate_fraction = account.interest_rate/100.0;
    interest = account.balance*rate_fraction*(account.term/12.0);
    account.balance = account.balance + interest;

    cout << "When your CD matures in " 
         << account.term << " months,\n"
         << "it will have a balance of $" 
         << account.balance << endl;
    return 0;

//Uses iostream:
void get_data(CDAccount& the_account)
    cout << "Enter account balance: $";
    cin >> the_account.balance;

    cout << "Enter account interest rate: ";
    cin >> the_account.interest_rate;
    cout << "Enter the number of months until maturity\n"
         << "(must be 12 or fewer months): ";
    cin >> the_account.term;


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