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To examine and set up an SQL based C++/Web phone directory.

You will use from the following project: https://github.com/expertlearningsystems/PhoneBookComplete

The project can be tried here: https://cslab.kenyon.edu/class/ssd/skon/PhoneAppComplete/phoneApp.html


Step 1 - Get the demo software running from your account and with your Database:

Download the following project and make the required changes to turn it into your own project: https://github.com/expertlearningsystems/PhoneBookComplete

This should be done with the followings:

  1. (MAC) Open a terminal
    type: "ssh username@cslab.kenyon.edu"
    Enter your student ID as the password

    (Windows) Download Putty. Run Putty. Enter "cslab.kenyon.edu" for IP, Hit open. Hit "Ok" for the security warning. Enter your Kenyon username and your student ID for password.

  2. Get the PhoneBookComplete project with the following command (only works if you have a github account, and have accessed the collaborate invitation I sent):
    git clone https://github.com/expertlearningsystems/PhoneBookComplete

Get it running. You will need to:

  1. Create your own version of the database.
  2. Create the Folder PhoneBookComplete in /var/www/html/class/ssd/yourusername/
  3. Change the names (skon) in the software
    • in Makefile change user to your username
    • in the Javascript (phoneApp.js) change the, and cgi program name to your username:
      $.ajax({ url: '/cgi-bin/<i><b>skon</b></i>_phoneAppComplete.cgi?deleteid='+$(this).attr('ID')+'&operation=delete',
    • In PhoneBook.h to change USER and DB to your username and PASS to your student ID
      #define HOST "localhost"
      #define USER "<i>skon</i>"
      #define DB "<i>PhoneAppDB</i>"
      #define PASS "<i>password</i>"
    • In phoneApp.cpp change logfile name you your username
  4. Add a PhoneBookComplete directory to your web directory
    mkdir /var/www/html/class/ssd/username/PhoneAppComplete
  5. Type "make" to build and deploy your application
  6. Add the Routines to the Database (see next step)
  7. Go to the app in a browser (with your username):
  8. Add some records to the data base.
Below is the structure of the database table you will need. You need to create a table named "Phonebook" with the same fields and types, in you database:


Note the "AUTO_INCREMENT" for the ID field. This field is used as the unique ID for every row, and can be used for unambiguously refering to a record when changing or deleting. The "AUTO_INCREMENT" attribute assigns unique inter values for each record in a sequence. To do this click the "A_I" box for the field (you must scroll to the right to see it). This check box is avalable both then creating the table, and when editing the structure.

Step 2 - Review the procedures which could be added to

The following routines will need to be added in the "Procedures" tab to your database to finish the app (must be in the database, not the table, to see this tab):




You would need to add these to you new Phonebook database.



  • Screen_Shot_2018-02-20_at_2.55.24_PM.pngg: Screen_Shot_2018-02-20_at_2.54.27_PM.png
Step 3 - Get the system to work with your database.

Turn in a link to you running application.

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