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Customer Class Group

Activity, Due Dec 4

Start with: https://repl.it/@JimSkon/ClassBankStart

Make and turn in a new repl.it for each. Turn in a run of each.


Step 1: (In class)
  1. Modify main.py so that it creates list of customers.
  2. Add a function to ask the user for the Name, balance, and interest rate of a new customer. The function return a Customer object
  3. Add a method to the Customer class to display all the information on that customer.
  4. Add to main.py that give the user the following options: 1. Add a customer. 2. Add a months interest to all customers. 3. List all information on all customers, 4, Search for a customer by name (partial match). Display all customers that match. The user can then pick a match and customer and select: 1. Add to account, withdraw from account.
  5. Modify the Customer class so that it it includes an account type.
  6. Add a method to read the file Customers.dat, and loads the data into the class.
Step 2: (Outside class)
  1. Add code to all the user to search for matches to an account name (all partial matches). List the matches each with a number (1, 2, 3, ...)
  2. Allow the user to select a matching account, and either withdraw or add money.
  3. Add a funciton to rewrite the file on exit.
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