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Final Project

Due date: Dec 7

You are supposed to choose a theory paper on algorithms (appeared in any of the theory conferences, FOCS, STOC, SODA, ICALP, APPROX, etc) and create a presentation survey of it. The paper is supposed to be relatively recent, not earlier than 2000. You can make groups of at most 2 people working on the same project. You survey should contain the following items:

Introduction: This part should contain the problem definition, motivations, applications, and the previous works.
Main contributions: This part should contain the main results of the paper, the algorithm and the implications of the results. For example you are encouraged to give applications of the results related to your own fields of research.
Overview of the proof: In this part you should give a high-level overview of the proof. What are the main ideas of the proof? What is the novelty of the paper which makes it different from the previous work.
Details of the proof: In this part you should write your understanding of the proof. For example you can provide several examples for elaboration purposes. You can also try to go over the main steps and the main lemmas of the proof. Try to understand the proof as best as you can.

The Presentation should be 30 minutes long, and will be made Dec 14 during the Exam period.

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