Discussion Ch 4.1-4.4

  1. How can you as a system developer help a stakeholder thoroughly communicate what they want the system to do?

  2. Do companies really use all the steps suggested in the book?

  3. Which kind of interviewing, open ended or closed interviews, is better for our class projects?

  4. Can we go over the spiral listed on Page 112. I had a hard time understanding what was happening in it.

  5. Could you talk more about good ways to "write non-functional requirements so that they can be objectively tested"?

  6. Are Use cases something that could benefit our projects or is it used rather for more complex projects?

  7. Is the requirements document generally written by the whole software development team or only by management? Or does this depend on the scale of the software company and/or the project?

  8. Since it is hard for customers to translate goals into measurable requirements, does the system designer work with a stakeholder to determine these quantifications or does the stakeholder just decide on these requirements themselves?

  9. Is the requirements document edited once the initial requirements document is formalized? If so, how often is it revised?

  10. Can you give an example of a focused ethnography that uses prototypes along with ethnography?

  11. What is the difference between a specification document and a software requirements document or are they the same thing? If they’re different, who is each of them written for?

  12. How much money does the requirements engineering process cost? How much does it save?

  13. Is requirements engineering more common in agile or waterfall processes?

  14. Is there a time constraint for the spiral model?

  15. When is it better to use user scenarios than using user stories?

  16. How exact should documentation be? When is documentation most important?

  17. What kind of organizational requirements are standard?

  18. How do we navigate cultural resistance to our project at our stakeholders’ organizations?

  19. Will our stakeholders have direct access to our requirements documentation?

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