Discussion Questions Chapter 4.5-4-6

  1. How is can completeness be checked?

  2. What techniques can be used to check the realism of requirements?

  3. Are there any tools we can use for our projects that would help with requirements storage and traceability management?

  4. How do you handle realizing the changes that need to be made would be too costly, either of time or money?

  5. What software tools should we be looking to use to keep a check on our requirements and possible changes that may arise within them?

  6. How do you deal with a client that repeatedly changes the requirements on you?

  7. How often should the requirements document be reviewed with the stakeholder?

  8. How do requirements engineers know how much time and money different requirements are going to cost?

  9. “Agile development processes have been designed to cope with requirements that change during the development process. In these processes, when a user proposes a requirements change, this change does not go through a formal change management process.” Who is the “user”?
  10. How much does tool support cost in the requirements engineering process?

  11. What kind of requirements management plans are used in the waterfall processing models?

  12. Obviously, time is the most stringent budgetary constraint in the context of our projects. Do you have any tips on approaching time management in a group project setting?

  13. What might you say to a stakeholder who is demanding two contradictory system features?

  14. How can you as a developer differentiate between a “wicked” problem and a problem that is just difficult for the stakeholder to articulate

  15. When can you afford not to have a requirements management system in place?

  16. How much of a company’s resources would be allocated to adding and updating requirements versus designing new systems?

  17. How do developers deal with requirements changes that happen in late stages of development?

  18. What does a developer do when given a set of requirements by the client which are inconsistent or unrealistic?

  19. The textbook mentions "traceability" when discussing requirements planning. What is traceability and why is it important to the requirements planning process?

  20. Since testing for actual completeness of the requirements is not possible, then what are the best ways to get to the best results possible?

  21. What should we do if the clients insist on a requirement that we feel is unrealistic?

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