Ducussion Questions 5.4-5

  1. How does model-based engineering reduce the likelihood of errors?

  2. For what systems is model-based architecture better than agile methods?

  3. Are highly abstracted models mainly used for stakeholders?
  4. Should our requirements document include Data driven engineering if we are building a database?

  5. If MDA is not a mainstream practice, is it worth it trying to incorporate it into our design process?

  6. How often do companies utilize such models and are they used disjointly (there was a reference to widespread adoption of a model in the reading)?

  7. Isn’t the change of ‘state’ in event-driven modelling effectively an example of data becoming available and the system having to process it?

  8. Regarding the sentence on page 140 that says “The availability of the data triggers the processing,” I don’t understand this; not all data is relevant to the execution of a program, so how does a program decide what data to process and what data to ignore?

  9. How is it the case that MDE allows software developers to be less “concerned with programming language details or the specifics of execution platforms”?

  10. Should the goal in software design be portability and ease of re-use? In that case, shouldn't Model Driven Engineering be the go-to practice, since it focuses on those aspects?
  11. What UML models are used in model-driven architecture?

  12. How do translators in model-driven architecture work?

  13. Can you give a concrete example of model-driven engineering?

  14. How exactly do translations and transformations of models work? What are some challenges in having automated translation tools?

  15. Are there any popular model-driven architecture programs?

  16. Who would use model-driven engineering?

  17. How do you keep your diagrams organized while you write new code? Is there a standard best practice?

  18. Is it possible to successfully partially incorporate Model-driven Architecture into the development process to avoid some of its pitfalls?
  19. What is the difference between model-driven and event-driven modeling?

  20. What is the difference between architecture and engineering?

  21. How large does a system need to be to justify MDA?

  22. How many platforms is it typically necessary to make a system compatible with?

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