Git Discussion Questions

  1. How was code sharing implemented before git?

  2. In the video there was a concept of pull -- rebase. This was explained by a diagram and how this would keep the logs simple. Should the logs not be already so? Aka if A commits before B, then Aís commit shows before B?

  3. 'Is there any lag time that can cause inaccuracies with regards to push and pull?

  4. If you are developing an app, would it be an Agile Development measure for the customer to have access to the teamís github repository for the project?

  5. What exactly is a repo? The video explains how to use repos, and a basic understanding of what they are can be determined from context, but it does not explain exactly what they are and how they work.

  6. Why are pull and clone different commands?

  7. Are there any comparable alternatives to Github?
  8. Are there ever any legal issues that come about from using other peopleís code off GIT?

  9. Are there other platforms that exists that compete with GitHub? If so, what makes GitHub superior?

  10. What are the benefits of creating git branches?
  11. What exactly is a merge conflict and are there any measures to avoid/resolve it?

  12. How do you revert a commit that has already been made public?

  13. How do you prevent merge conflicts?

  14. Can you delete a branch in git?

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