Agile Development

  1. Why does pair programming decrease productivity withmore experienced programmers?

  2. Are there scenarios where you would not use agile methods for a small to medium sized projects
  3. In what scenarios should a developer choose the test-first method instead of waiting to test the code afterwards?

  4. How is miscommunication and legal struggle avoided when the communication is so informal for agile development methods?

  5. The book describes agile methods as compatible with software and apps. However, won’t this make the apps short-lived as the incremental method makes the longevity of the software low?

  6. In our previous classes pair programming has been presented as a definitely beneficial system. However, this book disputes that including for student volunteers. Is there something not being clarified here?

  7. How does pair programming fit into agile development? It seems to me that it would lead to better code, but not necessarily faster production of that code.

  8. Is there a difference between refactoring and the various methods of coping with change that we read about in chapter 2?

  9. How do you avoid burnout when practicing Extreme Programming?

  10. Do companies decide that they are going to use a specific agile method verses a plan-driven method, or do they just create their own process that works for them?

  11. What are some differences between Scaled Agile Framework developed by Dean Leffingwell and the Agile Scaling Model developed by IBM?

  12. It sounds like pair programming tends to have more drawbacks than benefits--is it common in software development, or only used for specific projects or companies?

  13. How and when does one compile a backlog, and who can add things to the product backlog?

  14. What are some good practices to improve communication within teams?

  15. How do you overcome a culture of plan-driven models at a company that needs to be using agile methods to have the best market presence?

  16. How would the large-scale development Scrum model work with the de-localized Scrum model?

  17. The textbook mentions the use of tools in agile software development. What are some examples of tools that might be used in agile development? Are the tools more focused on testing the software or automating software production?

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