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Team Project

Due Dates:

Team proposal Nov 4
Create UI proposal Nov 8
Software Design Nov 11
Prototype 1 Nov 18
Code review Nov 20
Prototype 2 Dec 2
Prototype 3 Dec 9
Complete System Dec 13

Art Social Network

Here is a link to the dump of a database of over 66,000 works of art: art.sql. The file is on cslab at /home/class/SoftDev/art/art.sql.

The database includes the following fields for each work (with example):

  • Author: AACHEN, Hans von
  • Born-Diec: b. 1552, Köln, d. 1615, Praha
  • Title: Allegory
  • Date: 1598
  • Technique: Oil on copper, 56 x 47 cm
  • Location: Alte Pinakothek, Munich
  • URL: allegory.jpg
  • Form: painting
  • Type: mythological
  • School: German
  • Timeframe: 1601-1650\r

Your goal is to design and build a simple art social network. The basic idea is that people can create a profile, and then browse the art, commenting, giving up or down votes, or whatever you decide. The idea is that it is a space for be people to explore and discuss art.


  1. Form Student teams
  2. Create UI proposal (What it will do, what it will look like)
  3. Design Software (modules, classes, interfaces)
  4. Build Prototype for searching for and viewing art.
  5. Add user profiles
  6. Add user comments
  7. Add live updating
  8. Add additional features.
  9. Complete System
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