Job Description:
  • Communicates group questions and clarifications with the teacher or other groups. (This is the only group member designated to do so.)
    • Good tools/phrases to use:
    • “Our group is confused about how _ relates to _ .”
    • “Our group reached consensus that the answer to number _ was __.”
  • Ensures all group members have had the opportunity to respond to the question before asking outside sources.
    • Good tools/phrases to use:
    • “Does anyone in our group know the answer to ___?”
    • “Before we ask the teacher, could someone in our group clarify the answer to….”
  • Ensures that everyone in the group agrees on what question to ask if an outside source is needed.
    • Good tools/phrases to use:
    • “Does everyone agree we need to find out . . . ?”

• Presents conclusions of the group to the class, as requested.

    • Good tools/phrases to use:
    • “The reasoning we used to answer number __ was . . .” *
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