Dependability and Security

Chapter 10.1-4

Discussion Questions

  1. How does dependability factor into the various software development methodologies we have discussed thus far?

  2. Should companies strive for ultrahigh dependability if they have the resources?

  3. How do we know when the redundancy in our code is potentially useful versus when it is just making the code sloppier/more complex/

  4. How to companies prove dependability to customers before they are able to fully implement the system?

  5. In your experience, has there always existed a correlation between simplicity and dependability?

  6. What is the number 1 thing that we should watch out for that can hurt our project's dependability?

  7. What is the difference between the ideas of Security and Resilience

  8. How do you decide whether to make a simple program or one that contains redundancy and diversity?

  9. How do companies know that the software they are receiving is dependable?

  10. How exactly can you test dependability? How can you measure it?

  11. At what point in the software life-cycle should dependability be considered?

  12. How are redundancy and diversity different?

  13. What are some of the things incorporated in the social layer of a sociotechnical system?

  14. Chapter 10.2 talks a lot about regulation. Is there a regulatory body that is specific to software companies?
  15. When, if at all, is it ok to compromise dependability for time efficiency?

  16. Is adding a backup database considered redundancy, or does the redundant part have to intercat with the system at all times to be considered redundant?

  17. What kinds of diversity are most critical to dependability?

  18. What kind of measures should be taken to protect data during system failures?

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