Chap 22.1-22.2 Discussion

  1. Is the project manager the only person responsible for risk management?
  2. Should you try and fill a software team with interaction oriented people if possible? Could one type of personality lead to risks?
  3. Is the project manager always a separate person from the rest of the team members?
  4. Is the manager responsible for understanding all the details of the project or are they only concerned with the project getting finished ontime and within budget?
  5. Do you think our groups have a need for team leaders as that may help us w.r.t structure, motivation and accountability?
  6. What kind of risks should we be looking to encounter during our projects?
  7. What are some likely risks that could come up for our projects?
  8. Do software managers usually have a background of working as software engineers?
  9. What would you do if you had a very high probability, catastrophic risk?
  10. Are there other tips you have for working with/leading a team?
  11. What are some ways to monitor risk and is there a specific person who does this?
  12. What can we do if the most capable team members are the ones that donít work well with others?
  13. The book makes it sound like working at a smaller company is better. What are the benefits of developing software at a larger company?
  14. What are some practices in remaining consistent with how you treat people?
  15. Should we classify the requirement risk of our clients proposing major changes to be a catastrophic?
  16. How do we manage requirements risks without formal documentation?
  17. Which risks would you say are the hardest to forsee?
  18. What is an acceptable risk and what isn't?
  19. How can we reduce the risk of losing developers in an agile process?
  20. How can one balance a team of task, self, and interaction-oriented people?
  21. What are examples of the most common risk management strategies used in the field?
  22. How does project management change when there isnít a single dedicated manager?
  23. How does management culture change across companies of different sizes?
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