Chapter 22.3 Discussion

  1. How are women really treated in the software development industry?
  2. Can a group of programmers succeed without a specified project manager?
  3. Can groups function well without explicitly assigned project managers?
  4. How do we know if our group members are task-oriented, self-oriented, or interaction-oriented?
  5. What are some good team-building exercises that we can do?
  6. How does accountability feature into teamwork and how do you ensure it?
  7. How do programming groups evaluate people's personalities when forming the group, in order to prevent clashing personalities?
  8. Can there still be a leader in an informal group?
  9. How much choice do individuals have in deciding what aspects of a project they work on?
  10. Given the choice between two people, is it better to pick the one that will work well with the team, or the one with more experience/expertise?
  11. Do you have special tips for working long-distance?
  12. How can we handle situations where team members have a clash in personality and work culture?
  13. What if there is a member in the team that constantly wants to take up otherís responsibilities and do them themselves?
  14. What are some good interaction technologies for interacting with remote teams?
  15. Are there any group organization templates that are popular?
  16. How can we promote positive communication in the informal setting of our projects? Certainly, the guidelines presented in the book are useful, but I think the author has a different kind of environment in mind.
  17. Are you, professor Skon, managing our projects indirectly?
  18. What do we do if someone is just not doing work?
  19. What if expectations of team members did not match their abilities?
  20. What strategies are effective for communicating in large companies?
  21. What communication methods are most effective in groups with no hierarchy?
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