Quality Management

Chapter 24

  1. Sommerville argues that the ISO 9001 certification is inadequate because it defines quality as a set of standards. Is this a common belief? What are your thoughts on the ISO 9001 standards framework?
  2. What are some standards that should apply to our projects?

  3. Why is Quality Management not discussed in the beginning of the book because it seems like something we should have done in the beginning stages of our project?

  4. Did we not discuss quality management because we are developing out projects agilely and so QM would be more impractical?

  5. What would be a good example of a quality management practice we could apply in our projects?

  6. "The ISO 9001 certification is inadequate, in my view, because it defines quality to be the conformance to standards." If this was so then why would it remain an industry standard, especially in an industry where such mistakes would cost a lot of money?

  7. Is there a specific definition of the word "quality" as it relates to computer programs? Is it separate from reliability?

  8. The textbook mentions that the quality plans should be short so that people read them. Who is expected to be reading the quality plan?

  9. What does it take to become ISO 9001 certified?

  10. Is it good practice to use some of both specification frameworks (agile and non-agile)?

  11. It is recommended that the quality team be independent from the development team—what about when the teams are so small that we can’t have a separate quality team?

  12. What if quality management and assurance starts involving in digging out deep production issues?

  13. Are there any empirical methods of measuring quality?

  14. What are some industry tools for standards-based development?

  15. Is "quality manager" ever a formal role when you are doing agile development, or is the duty shared by everyone?

  16. How confining is the ISO 9001 standards framework to companies? Are their still vast differences in the developmental process among companies that abide to it?
  17. Is testing for standards a part of program testing?

  18. Can you elaborate on post-review activities?

  19. What should one do if one’s organizational standards are in direct opposition with project goals?

  20. What are some examples of standards you, Professor, have seen, and what do these standards say about that organizational wisdom/culture at the time?

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