Quality Management


  1. How would you reconcile different stakeholders’ requirements? How do you decide which requirement is better/more practical?
  2. Do companies which use Extreme Programming techniques (and thus ignore many formal quality checks) have a hard time being taken seriously in the field? Are both approaches considered equally valid?
  3. How can thorough software quality management happen in a rapid agile development environment?
  4. Should we require new members of the team to go through with a company standards booklet or presentation to improve quality management?
  5. How is quality management different from product management?
  6. How can program inspections be standard based?
  7. ISO 9000 and 9001 often see wide criticism for being a waste of time, cost, and generic-ness. Why would a newer standard that actually works not be written?
  8. ISO 9001 isn't always an effective standard. Complacence can lead to multiple security issues, like what happened to Intel (and their plethora of microcode vulnerabilities). How could this have happened with third-party audits in place, and how could that have been prevented?
  9. Are there standards used in the development of quality management systems other than ISO 9000?
  10. How often is the ISO updated? Who gets to update it?
  11. There are two related types of software engineering standard may be defined and used in software quality management — product standards and process standards, can we apply both of them or neither?
  12. What possible standards can be used for developing a mobile application?
  13. How do we know what to look for when performing inspections? Is there one general checklist we should be using?
  14. How necessary is extensive quality management as opposed to an agile approach when working on a small software project like ours?
  15. What is a good argument for spending time on quality measurement, rather than trusting that the time and energy you already spent trying to make the system high-quality worked?
  16. How are standards questioned and changed over time in software companies?
  17. How do project and quality managers resolve disagreements about necessary reviews and inspections?
  18. In what situations is it likely that more formal inspections will be required of agile
  1. Is there a standard process for drawing inferences from measurements and data to
minimize inaccuracies?
  1. What types of errors are not usually discovered during inspections?
  2. Since the assessment of software quality is a subjective process, how does one accurately measure how well a system fits its intended purpose?

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