A Risk-Driven Model for Agile Software Architecture

Discussion Questions

  1. How do teams handle differences in the perception of risks within their team, and how should our teams handle them? Is a majority-rule approach acceptable?
  2. Is this the best model for agile architecture design?
  3. What are some risk evaluation techniques that we can use?
  4. Is the definition of risk useful in any context that may show up for us? For example, how would we measure the perceived probability of failure and its impact?
  5. Is there a context in which risk-driven design is not the best way to approach a problem?
  6. How do you deal with project-management and engineering risks that are non-testable? The sort of risks where they either happen or they don't, independent of your actions as a developer?
  7. It seems as though there can be an infinite number of risks. How many risks should we consider for our projects?
  8. What are additional techniques that are commonly used?
  9. How do we know if we are sufficiently risk-driven?
  10. What if trying to fix one risk comes at a cost of causing another?
  11. Should software architecture designs include risk analysis?
  12. What does "A result of this definition is that a risk can exist (i.e., you can perceive it) even if it does not exist" mean?
  13. The chapter mentioned techniques a number of times, but what are some examples of concrete techniques developers use to mitigate risks?
  14. Do development techniques change over time as risks evolve?
  15. Are there strategies for recognizing risks or is all of it simply though intuition?
  16. How does one manage conflict of risk perception between developers and stakeholders?
  17. What risk mitigating strategies are used most commonly?
  18. How significant is the risk of using no design in small, one-off projects?
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