Systems Of Systems

Chapter 20
  1. What do you think are potential new methods for engineering systems of systems?
  2. would the project made by the team working with the Mayor's office be the strongest example of software systems of sytems?

  3. Are Systems of Systems the future of software? Will all the existing software either be combined into a new, more complex/expansive system, or never be used again?

  4. What are some takeaways that we can take away from this regarding our projects according to yourself?

  5. I particularly enjoyed the concept of reductionism. I was wondering if we could discuss it a bit more and understand some of its practical manifestations?

  6. What is the difference between "Interface Development" and "Integration and Deployment", in the development process of SoS 's?
  7. What constitutes “relatively few relationships or interactions between parts of a system” when it comes to successful reductionist methods?

  8. Is there an upper limit to the size of a system of systems?

  9. What are some metrics of software complexity?

  10. What are some challenges in managing large scale IT projects?

  11. What's an example of a large System of Systems failing?

  12. Are there any standardized tools used for managing the managerial complexity of a system of systems?

  13. Are systems of systems becoming more popular in recent years?

  14. What kind of decisions do governance structures make with regard to systems?

  15. How are things handled when the owner of a system makes a decision which negatively affects the owner of another related system?

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