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Discussion Questions

CH 8 Testing

  1. How do you choose between partition testing and guideline-based testing in practice?
  2. How long should you spend testing your code? How do you get in the mindset that you need to spend a significant amount of time testing?
  3. Is there a chance that unit testing passes, component testing passes, but during system testing one of the units (already tested and passed) breaks down?
  4. What are sure ways of testing interface defects that may only manifest themselves under unusual conditions?
  5. Is it possible to alter development strategies as you move through a project? Can a group move to test-driven development at a later stage of development than just the beginning?
  6. Is testing an openly contracted thing or do teams often have their own testers?
  7. What are the disadvantages of test-driven development?
  8. What are some of the examples of systems that use test-driven development?
  9. what is release testing and how is it used?
  10. what is beta testing and how is it used?
  11. The book says “An automatic testing environment [...] is essential for TDD.” Can we use TDD without a prebuilt automated testing environment like JUnit?
  12. How do you determine when to do unit testing?
  13. In professional software development environments who typically determines what kind of tests are necessary/appropriate?
  14. For our projects, would you advise one person to be in charge of the testing or for each programmer to be responsible for writing test cases for their code?
  15. Is performance testing always necessary? I would imagine that the developers should know the outcome of the test based on their knowledge of the capacity of the hardware and the algorithms used?
  16. How does one choose whether to do inspection or testing on a system?
  17. How much time does testing a program take in comparison to writing the code?

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