Software Testing Questions
Chapter 8:1-2

  1. What are the drawbacks of test-driven development?
  2. When interns are hired for testing at tech startups , how thoroughly can they really test the product if they aren't familiar with the code?

  3. What are common errors (or common things overlooked ) developers deal with when they are testing their software?

  4. Which of the testing methods would suit our projects? Do we need to use one?

  5. Has there been a time when you have not used one of these testing methods and regretted not doing so?

  6. Why is component testing its own stage of testing? Personally, my intuition would be to move straight from unit testing to system testing, and if the system does not work, then I would return back to the idea of component testing to see which units are not working together properly. Since program design methods often concerned with efficiency and how quickly one can design an adequate program, wouldn't this approach make more sense?

  7. In test-driven development, is the person writing the tests the same person implementing the code?

  8. If a test fails, does the person who is doing the test responsible for fixing it, or does it get sent back to the programmer?

  9. What if there isnít a proper input documentation for testing?

  10. How exactly is regression testing performed?

  11. How do you use JUnit to automate testing?

  12. Is there any standardized testing process?

  13. Are automated debugging tools popular for professional developers? Can you relate your experience with these tools?

  14. can spending too much time on testing be a risk?
  15. Is there a need to test a program that was developed using a test-driven method?

  16. What are "reusable components" of a software?

  17. What are some of the disadvantages of TDD?

  18. Is there an industry standard testing procedure?

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