Netbeans IDE Install Instructions

NetBeans is supported on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Step 1 - get Netbeans

Go to

You need to download and install the version that includes C++ support.

- Go to this Link and pick one of the two options below:
a. Netbeans with C++ only (142 MB)
b. Netbeans with C++ plus Java and more (263 MB) (Get this if you also what Java support)

Step 2 - Get and setup C++

Complete official instructions here: NetBeans for C++ install

For Windows:
  1. Go to
  2. Cllick on "Install Cygwin"
  3. Click on setup-x86_64.exe to get the 64 bit version
  4. Download and run the installer
  5. The default option should be enough, click install (will take about 100mb and about an hour minutes to install)
  6. Follow the instructions in the NetBeans instructions above to set up the environment variable for "path" to include the compiler

For Mac OS
  1. Go to the App store
  2. Search for "xcode"
  3. Install

-- Jim Skon - 2016-08-19


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