Notes for Day 1

How to create a new C++ console project in CodeBlocks

  1. Login to your Kenyon account in the lab
  2. Open the "Installed Software" folder
  3. Double Click "CodeBlock"
  4. Go to File->New->Project
  5. Select "Console Application"
  6. Click "go"
  7. Click "Next"
  8. Make sure C++ is selected and click "Next"
  9. Give the project title (like "helloworld")
  10. Select your driver or USB drive as the folder to create in
  11. Click "Next"
  12. Click "Finish"
  13. Open the sources folder of your project
  14. Open "main.cpp"
  15. Replace the code with your code
  16. Select Build->Build
  17. Check for errors in log panel (bottom)
  18. Select Build->Run
  19. A window should open up and the program will run in it.
  20. Close the window, not doing so with lock your CodeBlock for further changes.
More information on the CodeBlocks wiki:

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