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Notes for Day 3

Notes on Section 2.1


  • Variable

  • Value

  • Identifiers

  • Declare

  • Assignment

  • Initializing


  • Identifiers may use only letters, numbers, and the symbol __ ; furthermore, they may not begin with a number.

  • Two types of variable: int and double.

  • To declare a variable “var_1” of type int: int var_1;

  • To declare multiple variables of type int: int var_1, var_2, var_3;

  • To declare and initialize a variable: double balance = 536.22;

  • Alternate method to declare and initialize: double balance(536.22);

  • To set the value of a variable after it has been declared: var_1=7;

Take Note

  • IdEntiFIerS are case-sensitive.

  • Don’t use keywords (command-words from C++) as variable names!

  • The statement balance = balance + 18.26; means that the new value of the variable balance is the sum of the old value and 18.26.

Notes on Section 2.2


  • Input Stream

  • Output Stream

  • Include directive

  • Escape sequence

  • I/O

  • Echoing the input



  • cout << "Your balance is $" << balance << ".\n";

  • cout << "Your balance is $";

cout << balance;

cout << ".\n";


  • cout << "Your balance is $" << checking + savings << ".\n";

More stuff:
  • Use #include directives to call on predefined operations. Make sure to begin every program with #include <iostream>.

  • \n produces a new line

  • \t produces a tab

  • \\ produces a single \

  • \" produces a " character.

  • endl outside quotation marks also produces a new line

  • The following lines are “magic” code which will produce two-decimal place output.




  • You may use either cin >> checking >> savings; or

cin >> checking;

cin >> savings;

but the former is preferable, since it gives the user more options for how to input the information.

Take Note

  • Pay attention to spaces. You need to put them inside quotation marks for them to be sent to the output.

  • End each program’s output with either a \n or an endl.

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