Project 5 Final Presentation

May 9, 6:30-9:30 PM

This is a formal (team) presentation of the final state of project 6. The presentation should address the following topics:

  1. A review of the processes and timeline of your project
  2. A review of the solutions (algorithms and data structures) explored, the experiments done to prove (or disprove) the viability of each, and the results of the experiments.
  3. A description of the final solution, including a graphical illustration of the techniques employed, along with (small) code snippets (if appropriate). I want you to carefully and completely describe the architecture and algorithms of your solution. A big part of the grade will be how clearly and concisely you describe your solution. (It will certainly include visual diagrams of the solutions)
  4. A empirical evaluation of the resulting solution (actual numbers) that shows both the time and space required for the solution, and includes both the index creation and the. Tables (concise) and graphs are appropriate.
  5. A clean demonstration of the systems operation.
  6. An evaluation of the what mistakes you made, what you learned, how you would do things different. What wrong assumptions did you make.
  7. A conclusion

Grading Rubric

10 9
8 7
6 5
4 3
Clear Introduction          
Overview of and description
of solutions Explored
Clarity of Presentation          
Evidence of Preparation          
Description of Algorithms and
Data Structures utilized
Use of diagrams and visual aids
to describe solutions
Evidence of involvement of entire
team in project and presentation
Overall quality          
Total (0-100)          

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