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Research on Handwriting (Specific Cases)

It is known that with the matching of precise movements there is simultaneous action of the muscles of the antagonists. The movements performed by the initial parts of the elements of the letters are the most precise. Further, the speed of writing is reduced (in the transition from flexural to extensional movements).

Here, apparently, are included in the work of exaggerators, slowing down the activities of the flexors and gradually changing the direction of expansion. The execution of the initial part of the non-touch stroke of the letter "c" is accomplished by reducing the expansion of the brush and fingers. The final part of the movement is carried out by inertia. In the execution of the extensor stroke not only the flexing muscles, but also the extensor muscles, which react to the moment of transition from the non-touching stroke "from" to the "d", are involved.

The bender brakes movement, bending inertia. Thus, in the records by Deborah Marr, the uniformity of movements is ensured when performing strokes by bending and extensible movements of the hand and fingers. These features of the nervous system, accompanying the letter, allow the expert-graphologist to determine the nature of the author. It is known that the activity of the central nervous system is influenced by various factors.

Certain changes in this activity may be the result of hypnotic effects. This effect is noticeable in the change of handwriting. Experiment participants agreed to enter them into a hypnotic state voluntarily.

Research full view by essay writer for hire and graphology expert, Robert Thompson.

-- Chris Kee - 2018-08-09

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